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Ease Gill

Ease Gill is a small valley in the Yorkshire Dales. Ease Gill cuts the moors between Casterton Fell on the west and Leck Fell and Ireby Fell on the east.

The Ease Gill valley carries the waters of Leck Beck, parts of which feed the Ease Gill Caverns cave system which lies beneath the moors. It is currently believed to be the largest and most complex cave system in Great Britain.

Ease Gill Kirk is a steep sided, sheltered limestone ravine found towards the lower end of Ease Gill. It contains waterfalls and several entrances to the Ease Gill Caverns system.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 5  November  2018

Facts about Ease Gill

Leck Beck (Ease Gill)

Leck Beck (Ease Gill) is a river in Lancashire

Leck Beck (Ease Gill) takes in water from an area around 28.398 km2 in size and is part of the Lune - Rawthey to Greta catchment area.

Leck Beck (Ease Gill) is 14.602 km long and is not designated artificial or heavily modified.

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