Arduine Tree Ferns by munki-boy

Arduaine Garden

Arduaine Garden is a place of peace perched on the windswept coast of Argyll in the Western Highlands of Scotland.

James Arthur Campbell bought the land that became Arduaine in the mid-1880s. He planted various trees and some 220 different rhododendrons. It was passed to his son and then his grandson until 1971, when it was bought by nurserymen, Edmund and Harry Wright, who spent the next 21 years restoring and replanting. They gave the garden to The National Trust for Scotland in the spring of 1992.

Nowadays you can explore the gardens many ponds and borders as well as the Woodland Garden and Cliff Path. There are several viewpoints with fantastic views.

The name Arduaine is a Gaelic one, meaning green point or promontory.

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Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018

Arduaine Garden Viewpoint map

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