Dog Holes Cave by munki-boy

Dog Holes Cave

Dog Holes Cave is a small pothole in the karst landscape of Warton Crag. The cave is interesting both visually, due to its small, open skylights that allow light to enter in some passages, causing green lichen and moss which is quite otherworldly when shafts of sunlight enter from above.

Dog Holes cave is also interesting as it has had a calcite floor. Calcite floors form by calcium deposition - usually from water - over prehistoric alluvium that represents the cave floor at that time. The calcite floor will seal in any plants or animal remains and sometimes evidence of prehistoric, human occupation. The calcite floor in Dog Holes cave has been broken through and the underlying sediment excavated and various animal bones were found. Dog holes cave in this case should not be confused with nearby Dog Hole cave which is near Beetham and has detailed reports of its archaeological finds.

Created: 27  November  2016  Edited: 26  August  2018

Dog Holes Cave map

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