The Village of Hapton

Hapton is a Village in the county of Lancashire.

There are great places to visit near Hapton including some great towns, historic monuments, ancient sites, waterfalls, woodlands, ruins, caves, rivers and streams, country parks, canals and villages.

Hapton's best nearby towns can be found at Darwen, and Chorley.

Don't miss Jubilee Tower's historic monuments if visiting the area around Hapton.

The area around Hapton's best ancient sites can be found at The Quernmore Burial.

Hatch Brook Waterfall, and Cow Dub Waterfall are some of Hapton best waterfalls to visit near Hapton.

Hapton's best nearby woodlands can be found at Wheelton Plantation, and Spring Wood - Whalley.

The area around Hapton features a number of interesting ruins including Wheelton Plantation, and Whalley Abbey.

Dog Holes Cave is one of Hapton's best, nearby caves to visit in Hapton.

The area around Hapton's best rivers and streams can be found at Ease Gill.

Country Parks to visit near Hapton include Cuerden Valley Park.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal - Summit to Wigan Section is one of Hapton's best, nearby canals to visit in Hapton.

Hapton is near some unmissable villages like Whalley,

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Hapton Map

Hapton Map

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